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Life at my house Motherhood

You have seen a lot of DIY projects on here lately. I love a good DIY project. It’s my goal as I decorate and organize my house. But let’s be honest. My days are not filled with one DIY project after another. Oh no…rather, my days are filled with wiping snotty noses, dirty behinds, laundry, cleaning, cooking, slobbery kisses, silly giggles, and moments where all I want to do is sit down and relax without someone crying for me to do something for them. I am in the trenches of motherhood. More often than not, I don’t even have time for all the projects that are swirling around in my head.

I would like to go beyond the fluffy Pinterest-y things and also talk about real life. Maybe it’s time for something different on the blog scene. You can find a tutorial for just about every project you can think of under the sun, so who really wants to read another DIY/home decor blog? Well, honestly, you’re still going to get a bit of that here, because part of the purpose of this blog is to document our home renovation so that we have something to look back on. But besides decorating and organizing, a few other things that I am passionate about are my family and motherhood. There are times where I wish I could talk about my experiences, share my perspective on motherhood and what it’s like on those hard days. And maybe, just maybe that’s what you want to hear too. Maybe you are a new mother and you have no idea what you’re doing (trust me, I don’t either!), maybe there are very few young mothers in your church/community and you feel alone, maybe you are a single mom without the support of a husband and maybe even without the support of family members. Or, maybe you are a mom of 6 and just want to sit down and relax and read about someone else’s mothering experience. If this describes you, then welcome. I know that it is the most wonderful feeling to join with other women who are in the same situation in life and to just communicate and share about your experiences.

I would like to do just that here. I want you to feel comfortable enough to share with me too.


How to Capture the Everyday Moments of Life with Your Children

How to Capture the Everday

Children grow so fast. We all know that. One day they’re a tiny baby who wants to be cuddled by you, the next day they’re an active toddler who would rather be running around wreaking havoc upon your house rather than sit still. (Yes, experience speaking here.)

I love photography and photographing my little family. Recently though, I realized that I don’t have near the number of pictures of my newest munchkin as I do of his older brother at this age. It made me realize how super busy we get and how we can let those things go in light of trying to stay on top of other things. How awful it would be though, to one day realize that you missed out on so many moments, so many things that happened that are only a vague memory because you didn’t take the time to capture the moment. So here are some tips to help you capture those moments, giving you the opportunity to look back and remember these moments long after they’re past.

  1. Be Intentional

Make it a purpose to take the time to photograph those special moments. I don’t do well with setting a specific goal (such as three pictures every day of my children) but if that is what motivates you, than by all means set goals! No matter how being intentional looks for you, come up with some way (or ways) to consistently document your daily life.

  1. Set your camera within easy reach

One thing that I have noticed is that I am much more likely to reach for my camera when I have it sitting close by. Leave your camera out where you can see it as a reminder to capture your everyday moments. The wonderful thing about technology is that many of us have a pretty decent camera on our smartphones so if that’s the only camera you happen to have close at hand, by all means, use it!


  1. Mix it up.

Along with #2, don’t tie yourself to only one type of camera. Don’t use only your phone camera, you’ll want some photos that are better quality, especially if you want to blow them up into large prints. Change up between your phone camera, your DSLR (or other “nice” camera), and certainly don’t forget the video camera! Whether you have an actual video camera or have to use the video setting on your phone or camera, be sure to get some real live action going on.

  1. Don’t go for perfection.

Our daily lives are anything but perfect, right? Don’t expect your everyday photos to be anything different. You will want to remember the moment just the way it was, even if there are toys cluttering the background or dirty dishes piled in the sink. Your photos are telling a story and the imperfection can be part of that story. If the clutter is a distracting element in your photo and you have the time to clear it away, do so. But don’t sacrifice the split-second moment just for cleanliness.


I leave you with a challenge to capture your everyday moments in whatever shape or form they come in! So tell us, how do you make sure those special moments don’t slip by unnoticed?

Life: The Birds Upon the Treetops


The Birds Upon the Treetops

The birds upon the treetops sing their song,

The angels chant their chorus all day long,

The flowers in the garden blend their hue,

So why shouldn’t I, why shouldn’t you

Praise Him too.

When my siblings and I were babies, Mom always sang this song to us. Now that I have babies of my own, I sing it to them too. It’s a sweet little song and I thought of it the other day as I soaked up some of the early spring sun.untitled-23The sky was blue, the sun was shining, the trees were showing their buds, and the birds were singing. There is something so relaxing about just lying on your back and gazing up at the blue, blue sky through the tree branches. Soaking in all the beauty and the life that is springing forth after a cold winter.

untitled-25 So thankful for the beautiful weather that we’re having and the excitement and energy of spring! Also totally stoked about planting flowers and having some pretties growing outside my door!! (The little munchkins above ^^ also makes spring so fun and special!!)

Until next time!

DIY: Coral & Gold Bridal Shower

In a month my sister is getting married!! Myself and two other bridesmaids planned a bridal shower in honor of Brittany. We chose a coral and gold theme and kept the decor simple with a few little DIY projects.


I made coffee filter peonies dyed in water and food coloring. You can find the tutorial for them here. So super easy that I decided I’ll have to make some more sometime for my house. I think they would be perfect to add some indoor color during the winter before spring flowers have bloomed.


We served a fruit pizza bar with sugar cookies, a delicious cream cheese spread, and different fruit toppings. It was so yummy!!


Charlotte spray painted branches with gold paint and Lacey painted the jars with the heart cut outs.

untitled-5 untitled-6 untitled-10 untitled-12 untitled-13 untitled-14 untitled-17

Different people shared what their friendship with Brittany meant to them; it was neat to hear what each person said, especially some of the older ladies.

untitled-19 untitled-20 untitled-22 untitled-24

Brittany had requested to play Mad Libs which made for some interesting stories/marriage advice!

untitled-26 untitled-31 untitled-33 untitled-35 untitled-36 untitled-38 untitled-40 untitled-44 untitled-45 untitled-46 untitled-48 untitled-49

Happy Thursday!