DIY Mason Jar Money Bank

DIY Mason Jar Money Bank

Growing up, we kids always had our own money bank. Mom would give us empty mason jars and we would embellish them with stickers, glitter glue, and anything else that rocked our boats. We hoarded our quarters and dimes and nickels and pennies and the occasional dollar or two. Every so often we would decide to be miserly and dump all our money out and count it.

I decided to do the same thing for Jaxon and fill his jar with our pocket change. Then when it gets filled maybe we can start a little savings account for him and by the time he’s old enough to really care about money he should have a nice little chunk stashed away. All thanks to his thoughtful parents of course.

All you need is a mason jar with a lid and the embellishments of your choice. I chose paint and stickers with a little extra color in the fabric that I glued to the lid.DIY Mason Jar Money Bank Upcycled Recycled I decided to paint the inside of my jar with enamel paint. This is totally optional; if you’re kids are a little older, they might prefer watching the money slowly build up inside their jar. I followed the directions on the back of the paint bottle and painted on two coats of paint with an hour of drying time between each coat. I thought about putting the stickers on as I waited for the paint to dry, but then I remembered, “No can do, cracker jack” (quote: Night At The Museum). I wanted to cure the paint by using the baked method (versus letting it cure for 21 days) so adhering the stickers beforehand would probably have been fairly disastrous. Simply set your jar in a cold oven and turn the oven on to 350 degrees. Let it bake for 30 minutes and then turn the oven off and let the jar cool in the oven.DIY Mason Jar Money Bank Upcycled RecycledDIY Mason Jar Money Bank Upcycled RecycledDIY Mason Jar Money Bank Upcycled Recycled

To make the lid of my jar, I simply hot glued around the edge of the jar lid and then pressed it into the jar ring. To adhere the fabric, I hot glued around the top edge of the lid and pressed the fabric down onto the glue. I did the same thing around the sides of the lid, putting little folds in the fabric as I went so that it would hang nicely.DIY Mason Jar Money Bank Upcycled RecycledDIY Mason Jar Money Bank Upcycled RecycledDIY Mason Jar Money Bank Upcycled RecycledDIY Mason Jar Money Bank Upcycled RecycledDIY Mason Jar Money Bank Upcycled RecycledIf you like, you can cut a slit in the top of your lid to stick the coins into. I used a kitchen shears to cut through the lid. Be sure the sharp edges are pushed to the underside of the lid so that they don’t cut little fingers!

DIY Mason Jar Money Bank Upcycled Recycled

Once the jar was completely cool, (I waited till the next day; no particular reason other than I just didn’t get around to finishing it up on the same day) I had Jaxon help me apply the stickers to the outside of the jar.DIY Mason Jar Money Bank Upcycled RecycledDIY Mason Jar Money Bank Upcycled RecycledAnd that’s it! A fun little project for your kiddos this summer if they want to earn a little money! There are really countless things you could do with this. You could use chalk paint on the outside of the jar for them to write their names on, they could use glitter glue to write their names, they could cut shapes out of magazines and mod podge them to the outside…just have fun and let them get creative!!


Office Reveal: Before & After

Office Reveal

You guys, I am SO EXCITED!! The day has finally come for….the office reveal! I have been so anxious to share this with you all because, my goodness, the ‘before’ is a doozy and it makes me happy to see it looking SO MUCH BETTER! This is the horrible, awful before:Office Reveal Before and After Office Organization Office DecorBut let me give you some background before we dive into the good stuff! Ohh the suspense!

We bought our home in March of 2014; it was a foreclosure and let me tell you, it was pretty rough. Think broken windows, holes punched through the drywall in pretty much every single room…yeah. And the office area (what we designated as our future office area) was definitely in need of some help. The office is actually on its second stage of renovation. It had this horrible blue carpet that was also in the rest of the house (excluding kitchen and bathroom) and as you can tell in the before photo, it was very stained from…who knows what…and let’s not conjecture on the “what”. In the first stage of renovation, we took out the horrible carpet and replaced it with laminate flooring. A new window went in, the paneling was painted, and the built-in bookshelf that you can just see on the left hand side was also removed. This served our purposes for the time being, but as time went on we became dissatisfied with the laminate flooring throughout the house. It began to buckle and would actually pop up and down as you walked across it. Annoying, right? Who wants their floor to be moving under their feet as they walk on it?? My dad found a good deal on decking boards used in semi-trailers (yes, you read that right) so we decided to use it in the main area of our home, including the office space. The difference is incredible and we love our new floor! Renovation on the floor began the day after Christmas of last year. I know, we are such go-getters. Let’s not waste a moment, shall we? It took maybe 2-2 ½ weeks to get the new flooring down. Since we were tearing up the floor anyway, we decided it would be a good time to also tear out the paneling that we had originally just painted over and replace it with drywall. *happy dance* (For reals, who does paneling anyway??) SO, in the second stage of renovation, the office got new flooring and new drywall.

And that brings us to this pretty little space:Office Reveal Before and After Office Organization Office Decor

The gray paint does wanders to lighten up the space. To pretty it up, I DIYed several different projects like the bulletin board. Totally in love with my fabric covered bulletin board! Sorry, no tutorial for it, but it was so easy! I just used spray adhesive to adhere my fabric to the board.Office Reveal Before and After Office Organization Office Decor Office Reveal Before and After Office Organization Office DecorOffice Reveal Before and After Office Organization Office Decor Office Reveal Before and After Office Organization Office Decor I also spruced up my drab file folders using wrapping paper and spray adhesive! That tutorial can be found here.Office Reveal Before and After Office Organization Office DecorWhen I spotted the white metal waste can, I immediately thought stripes! The tutorial can be found here.

Office Reveal Before and After Office Organization Office Decor

My hubby was so gracious in building me a floating shelf for extra storage above the desk. It turned out EXACTLY the way I envisioned it in my head. The white boxes hold important documents for each member of the family (birth certificates, passports, etc.) and the large box in the middle holds legal sized documents.Office Reveal Before and After Office Organization Office Decor Office Reveal Before and After Office Organization Office Decor

It is so wonderful to have a space that is organized and ready to use for paying bills and writing blog posts. During the time that we were working on this space all of my office supplies were in complete chaos and it was so hard to keep on track with the bills. Having an organized, intentional place to work makes it so much easier to remember important deadlines for bills and it almost takes away the pain of dishing out all that money. =)Office Reveal Before and After Office Organization Office DecorOffice Reveal Before and After Office Organization Office Decor I absolutely love this space, and I love the process of slowly organizing and decorating my home. I just know it will be so much more enjoyable once everything has its own rightful home and it makes me happy to have this little office space set to rights.

Office Reveal Before and After Office Organization Office DecorOffice Reveal Before and After Office Organization Office DecorMy next organizing/decorating project is the entryway closet! Be checking back to see the final result of that!!

DIY: Bottle Cap Magnets

DIY Bottle Cap Magnets Recycled Bottle Caps

I think drinking soda out of a glass bottle is so much better than drinking out of a can. It seems so much cooler somehow. And even cooler is the bottle caps. They come in so many colors and they are just…well…cool.  Sometime after we got married, I started collecting the bottle caps from glass soda bottles with the intention of recycling the bottle caps into…are you ready for this? Magnets! Yay! Such a fun way to spruce up your refrigerator and so easy too!

All you need to get started are:

Magnetic buttons

 Bottle caps

 Hot glue gun

DIY Bottle Cap Magnets Recycled Bottle Caps

To create your bottle cap magnets here are the two steps to do it! (Yes, TWO!)

  1. Place a blob of glue on the back of the bottle cap
  2. Adhere two magnets stuck together to the back of the bottle cap.

DIY Bottle Cap Magnets Recycled Bottle Caps DIY Bottle Cap Magnets Recycled Bottle Caps

And…done! Easy, right??

Some notes on making them: The reason for using two magnets stuck together is because one is too short to hold the magnet to the refrigerator. The magnets will naturally pull to the bottle cap but the glue will help keep them together. Otherwise, if you try to move the magnets on your fridge, the bottle caps will just pop off.

DIY Bottle Cap Magnets Recycled Bottle Caps

Hope you enjoy sprucing up your kitchen with these recycled bottle caps!

DIY: Drab to Fab File Folders

DIY Drab to Fab File Folders Upcycle Office Organization I am so excited because this is one of my last little projects left to accomplish in the office before I can finally starting putting together and finalizing the office décor/organization! That means that hopefully in a few weeks I can show ya’ll the office reveal!! (Only one large-ish project that requires the help of my hubby before the reveal can happen!)

For this Drab to Fab, I used wrapping paper, spray adhesive, and scissors. Super duper simple. Oh, and I used a canvas drop cloth to protect our basement floor from getting spray adhesive all over it. I tell ya that stuff will stick right now. And speaking of spray adhesive, can I just say how in love I am with it?? No, seriously, I don’t know why I never used it before! There are no limits with that wonder-spray! I have used it on wrapping paper and fabric and it bonds so well. Next to spray paint, spray adhesive is the next thing that should be in every DIY-ers arsenal of supplies.

DIY, Drab to Fab, File Folders, Upcycle, Office Organization {P.S. Ignore the teal striped wrapping paper. I thought I was going to use it but discovered I didn’t have enough, so I found some other cute paper to use.}

With that being said, here is how I used it to spruce up these drab file folders.

I started by opening my file folder and laying it on top of my wrapping paper. I folded the wrapping paper over to make sure I had a long enough length to cover the inside of the folder. I counted the little squares on the back of the wrapping paper to determine how much paper I needed. Once I knew the length for one side, I knew how many squares long the other side would have to be too. I cut the wrapping paper according to the number of squares I needed. For the width, I just cut the paper a little wider than the file folder.

DIY, Drab to Fab, Upcycle, Office Organization

I set aside the wrapping paper, closed the file folder, and sprayed my adhesive on the front cover facing up. I placed this side face down on top of the wrapping paper, making sure it was lined up according to the number of squares I previously determined that I would need. To make sure there were no air bubbles, I just smoothed my hand across the inside of the file folder. Next, I sprayed the top of the opposite side of the file folder. I opened the file folder and smoothed the front cover of the folder onto the paper beneath it.

DIY Drab to Fab File Folders Upcycle Office Organization

Once the front and back cover of the file folder were covered with paper, I opened the folder to apply the paper to the inside. Once again, I sprayed each side one at a time. Spray the inside of the back cover, fold the paper over, and carefully smooth it over the inside of the folder. Seriously be careful with this because if the paper touches down too soon and it’s not lined up right, or there are air bubbles it’s really hard to fix it without tearing the paper. I kind of rolled my paper down if that makes sense. Repeat with the opposite side. Now the file folder is covered inside and out! I used the scissors to trim the excess paper on the top and bottom edges of the folder. Just cut around the hooks used for hanging the file folder.

DIY Drab to Fab File Folders Upcycle Office Organization

All I need to do is add some washi tape to label the folders and ta-da! Pretty file folders that will give me a pop of happy color when I’m filing away bills. Because really, who doesn’t need all the happiness they can get when filing bills?!?

So what do you do to keep your office organized and pretty at the same time?

The 36th Avenue

DIY: Drab to Fab Striped Wastecan

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I have a weakness. I love spray painting. Spray paint and I are bffs. I look at just about EVERYTHING and wonder if I could spray paint it. Well…I clapped eyes on this white metal wastecan. And I instantly thought “I could spray paint stripes on that and use it in the office!” Sooo…I did. And I love the way it turned out!! untitled-7

I started by taping off my stripes with painters tape. I spaced them about 1 ½ inches apart. You could space yours however far apart you’d like, I just did 1 ½ because that was the width of my tape. I used a ruler to help guide me and make sure that I was more or less on track. Take your time with this. How depressing it would be to remove the tape and find that your stripes are off kilter. untitled-17 Once it was taped the fun part came! untitled-12

And the result! The perfect pop of color for our office! untitled-20

Check back soon for a before & after reveal of the office!!