A Lesson In Sharing

Instagram Play Date

You know those times when you tell your friends “We should totally do that!” or “We should totally do this!” but no one ever gets around to actually planning anything? Yeah…that’s how it usually goes with my friends and I. In this case, it was the brilliant idea to take our kiddos to the park for a play date. After weeks of agreeing that it would be fun to do, I decided to just do it. 

We met at the park in town close to the library and let our kids run around. Of course, it turned out to be a scorcher of a day and while we mothers baked in the open sun, the kids found some refuge under the playground equipment. If it wouldn’t have looked completely ridiculous (especially with three pregnant ladies) we mothers probably would have joined our children!

As a mother, one of the things that is important to me, is getting my children used to social interaction, especially with other children. I feel like as a first born and the only grandchild on my side of the family, Jaxon gets so very little interaction with other small children. He hardly knows how to play with them. I love play dates like the one at the park where he can get involved and make friends with all of the other little kiddos that he usually only sees at church. High on the list of lessons to be learned through social interaction? Sharing. Let me tell you, Jaxon has zero knowledge of the concept of sharing. Well, maybe not zero…he tries to share his toys with his baby brother, but that doesn’t go over so well with Taylor most of the time because it usually involves throwing the toys down on Taylor’s head. I know the day is coming when Jaxon and Taylor will be fighting over their toys, but for now, I want to try to instill in Jaxon a heart for other children and to learn to be self-less and maybe even curb some of that future selfishness. That’s why I want him to become accustomed to playing with other children; so that he learns that the world doesn’t revolve around him and so that he can begin to build relationships that will hopefully last him his whole life.

How do you encourage your children to share?


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