Slobbery Kisses+Snotty Noses

Life at my house Motherhood

You have seen a lot of DIY projects on here lately. I love a good DIY project. It’s my goal as I decorate and organize my house. But let’s be honest. My days are not filled with one DIY project after another. Oh no…rather, my days are filled with wiping snotty noses, dirty behinds, laundry, cleaning, cooking, slobbery kisses, silly giggles, and moments where all I want to do is sit down and relax without someone crying for me to do something for them. I am in the trenches of motherhood. More often than not, I don’t even have time for all the projects that are swirling around in my head.

I would like to go beyond the fluffy Pinterest-y things and also talk about real life. Maybe it’s time for something different on the blog scene. You can find a tutorial for just about every project you can think of under the sun, so who really wants to read another DIY/home decor blog? Well, honestly, you’re still going to get a bit of that here, because part of the purpose of this blog is to document our home renovation so that we have something to look back on. But besides decorating and organizing, a few other things that I am passionate about are my family and motherhood. There are times where I wish I could talk about my experiences, share my perspective on motherhood and what it’s like on those hard days. And maybe, just maybe that’s what you want to hear too. Maybe you are a new mother and you have no idea what you’re doing (trust me, I don’t either!), maybe there are very few young mothers in your church/community and you feel alone, maybe you are a single mom without the support of a husband and maybe even without the support of family members. Or, maybe you are a mom of 6 and just want to sit down and relax and read about someone else’s mothering experience. If this describes you, then welcome. I know that it is the most wonderful feeling to join with other women who are in the same situation in life and to just communicate and share about your experiences.

I would like to do just that here. I want you to feel comfortable enough to share with me too.


2 thoughts on “Slobbery Kisses+Snotty Noses

  1. I’m looking forward to the posts on motherhood! I love a good DIY project as much as the next person, but since becoming a mom, it has been so valuable to learn and grow from the experiences of others too.


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