How To Have A Successful Norwex Party

NOTE: This is not a sponsored post, nor does it contain affiliate links. I am not a Norwex consultant…all opinions and reviews are my own.

How To Have A Successful Norwex Party

Today I am going to talk about a product that has been all the rage lately and, specifically, how to host a successful party with… Norwex. The wonder cleaning cloth that is sweeping the nation (get it? Sweeping the nation?? Hahahahahaha…). Ahem…anyway. You may be familiar with this cleaning cloth, or maybe you have never heard of this wonderful new product and you’re thinking:

What in the world is Norwex?? Norwex is a Microfiber cloth that cleans without chemicals. Just water. (Wait…what??) Yep, just water. The microfiber in the cloth is 1/200th the size of a human hair, therefore it easily lifts dirt off the surface and onto the cloth…much better than other microfiber cloths sold in stores. On top of that, when used wet, the micro silver agent in the cloth is activated and not only are you cleaning your surface, but you are also actually killing the bacteria that is living there (without using other cleaners that have toxic chemicals in them). Because the silver kills bacteria, the cloth is also self-purifying which means you only have to wash the cloth after really heavy duty cleaning. If you want to check out more about Norwex, check out their website here and be sure to watch this video as well.

How To Have A Successful Norwex Party

On to the important things. Norwex is sold by consultants (much like Tupperware). So, you have the opportunity to bring Norwex into your own home by hosting a Norwex party. As a hostess, you can get a lot of free products by having a good response to your party. I recently hosted a party of my own and today I want to share with you some tips on how to have a successful Norwex party.

How To Have A Successful Norwex Party

  1. Send out invitations.

Oh really? No duh. But seriously, sending out a tangible reminder of your party is far better than just spreading it by word of mouth. People are much more likely to remember your party when the invite is hanging on their refrigerator or floating somewhere on top of their countertops. Ask your consultant for invitations and she will give you postcards that you can easily fill out with all of the party information.

  1. Set up an event on Facebook.

If you don’t get enough invitations for everyone you want to invite, set up an event on Facebook and invite your friends on Facebook. Even if you have enough postcard invitations to send out, I would still set up an event on Facebook, as yet another way for people to remember your party. Having an event on Facebook is also great because it will automatically remind people as the day of the event draws near. You can also post frequent (I stress, frequent) updates to keep people posted on what’s going down with your party. Be sure to include links to your consultant’s business page with instructions on how to order online. This will come in handy as you shall soon see.

  1. Invite everyone you know.

You would not be going overboard with this. Invite people from different social groups (church, co-workers, your fellow soccer moms, etc.) By setting up an event online, you can even invite out-of-state friends and family members. They can order online and select you as their hostess, so you still get credit for their purchases! Yay!

  1. Open your online party for a week.

You have the option of having your party open for however long you want. I would definitely keep it open at least a week. This gives out-of-state people time to look through the products and make their choices, as well as for people who may be local, but are unable to attend your party in person. During the duration of your open party, keep updating the event on Facebook, letting people know that the party will soon be closing.

  1. Talk it up.

I have mentioned this several times already, but post frequently on your party event page on Facebook. Talk it up in person as well. If someone RSVPs that they are unable to make it in person, be sure to let them know that the party will still be open online after the in-person party is over with.

I hope these tips are helpful for you if you are thinking about hosting a Norwex party. Maybe you have never heard of this great product but are interested now in learning more about it. By going online you should be able to find a consultant near you. If you have hosted a Norwex party in the past, let us know what made yours a success!!

Happy Day to you folks!


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