Book Review: The Girl Who Ate Everything

Book Review The Girl Who Ate Everything

NOTE: The following post is not a sponsored post, nor does it contain affiliate links. I purchased this book of my own accord and all opinions are truly, honestly my own. No one is paying me to rave about this. 

One of my…goals…{I suppose you could call it} for this year is to be more intentional with the way I cook. It’s easy to fall into that cooking slump where the day drags on and suddenly it’s an hour till supper and you have no idea what to cook. I don’t enjoy cooking as much when this happens and in order to crawl my way out of that slump, I decided to be more intentional with my cooking. For me, that means planning out a weekly meal plan and it also meant updating some of my cookbooks.

Book Review The Girl Who Ate Everything

The best part about cookbooks for me is the pictures. I love seeing beautiful photos of the food I want to make and often the photo is what helps me decide I want to make the recipe in the first place. So when I was on a mission to buy myself some better cookbooks, I knew The Girl Who Ate Everything was likely going to be right up my alley. It did not disappoint! Seriously, I have cooked from this book every single week since I got it. It has chapters for appetizers, breads and rolls, breakfast, main dishes, salads and sides, and, {of course!} desserts. Each recipe has a photo and contains simple ingredients that you most likely already have on hand. {A plus for a busy budgeting mom!} The photography is beautiful and the layout is simple and clean cut, making cooking from it so enjoyable!

Book Review The Girl Who Ate EverythingBook Review, The Girl Who Ate Everything The recipes themselves are absolutely delicious! I don’t think I’ve had a complaint yet from my hubby after cooking something from this book. Cooking is so much more fun when you know it will be a hit with your family! I have cooked my way through most of the main dishes and have definitely found some favorites. A few of the recipes include: Peanut Butter “Cheese” Ball, One Hour Rolls (a definite family favorite! I will never make any other type of roll!), Crème Brulee French Toast (not as fancy as it sounds; so simple to throw together!), Creamy Asparagus Chicken, Corn Souffle, and Cookie Crusted Chocolate Chip Cake.  If you are looking to upgrade your cookbooks and want something that is family-friendly, I highly recommend this book!

What are your go-to cookbooks?


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