DIY: Drab to Fab File Folders

DIY Drab to Fab File Folders Upcycle Office Organization I am so excited because this is one of my last little projects left to accomplish in the office before I can finally starting putting together and finalizing the office décor/organization! That means that hopefully in a few weeks I can show ya’ll the office reveal!! (Only one large-ish project that requires the help of my hubby before the reveal can happen!)

For this Drab to Fab, I used wrapping paper, spray adhesive, and scissors. Super duper simple. Oh, and I used a canvas drop cloth to protect our basement floor from getting spray adhesive all over it. I tell ya that stuff will stick right now. And speaking of spray adhesive, can I just say how in love I am with it?? No, seriously, I don’t know why I never used it before! There are no limits with that wonder-spray! I have used it on wrapping paper and fabric and it bonds so well. Next to spray paint, spray adhesive is the next thing that should be in every DIY-ers arsenal of supplies.

DIY, Drab to Fab, File Folders, Upcycle, Office Organization {P.S. Ignore the teal striped wrapping paper. I thought I was going to use it but discovered I didn’t have enough, so I found some other cute paper to use.}

With that being said, here is how I used it to spruce up these drab file folders.

I started by opening my file folder and laying it on top of my wrapping paper. I folded the wrapping paper over to make sure I had a long enough length to cover the inside of the folder. I counted the little squares on the back of the wrapping paper to determine how much paper I needed. Once I knew the length for one side, I knew how many squares long the other side would have to be too. I cut the wrapping paper according to the number of squares I needed. For the width, I just cut the paper a little wider than the file folder.

DIY, Drab to Fab, Upcycle, Office Organization

I set aside the wrapping paper, closed the file folder, and sprayed my adhesive on the front cover facing up. I placed this side face down on top of the wrapping paper, making sure it was lined up according to the number of squares I previously determined that I would need. To make sure there were no air bubbles, I just smoothed my hand across the inside of the file folder. Next, I sprayed the top of the opposite side of the file folder. I opened the file folder and smoothed the front cover of the folder onto the paper beneath it.

DIY Drab to Fab File Folders Upcycle Office Organization

Once the front and back cover of the file folder were covered with paper, I opened the folder to apply the paper to the inside. Once again, I sprayed each side one at a time. Spray the inside of the back cover, fold the paper over, and carefully smooth it over the inside of the folder. Seriously be careful with this because if the paper touches down too soon and it’s not lined up right, or there are air bubbles it’s really hard to fix it without tearing the paper. I kind of rolled my paper down if that makes sense. Repeat with the opposite side. Now the file folder is covered inside and out! I used the scissors to trim the excess paper on the top and bottom edges of the folder. Just cut around the hooks used for hanging the file folder.

DIY Drab to Fab File Folders Upcycle Office Organization

All I need to do is add some washi tape to label the folders and ta-da! Pretty file folders that will give me a pop of happy color when I’m filing away bills. Because really, who doesn’t need all the happiness they can get when filing bills?!?

So what do you do to keep your office organized and pretty at the same time?

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