5 Tips for Tackling DIY Projects

5 Tips for (1)

If you are anything like me, your DIY board on Pinterest is chock full of amazing projects that you are just dying to do. Or maybe you came up with your own projects that you want to tackle for your home or maybe to give away as a gift. With all of the creative, wonderful ideas out there, it can get a bit overwhelming to know where and how to get started. Hopefully these 5 tips will help you get on the right track to getting those projects done!

1. Make a list.

Who doesn’t love making lists?? Lists are an organized way to jot down your ideas rather than trying to remember them all in your head. Keep a notebook of ideas, write them down on a piece of scrap paper (and keep it some place safe!), or get fancy and design a project list on your laptop. Have your list close by so that when inspiration strikes you can write it down before you forget your genius idea (like I would). As you complete projects, cross them off (and get warm fuzzies…because there is almost nothing so satisfying as crossing something off your to-do list!).

2. Set your focus.

It can be tempting to want to multitask and try to do everything at once but that can get really overwhelming, really fast!  Instead, choose one project to work on at a time. Whether it’s a single project like creating some wall art or a more in depth project like organizing and decorating your living room, focus in on one project and stick with it until completion.

3. Give yourself time.

Once you’ve decided on the project you want to tackle, make sure that you give yourself plenty of time to finish it or at least get a good start on it. Five minutes before it’s time to make supper is not a good time to begin a furniture makeover!

4. Just do it.

This may seem obvious, but sometimes the hardest part for me is just getting started. If you know what you want to do and you have the materials you need to complete your project then jump into it! Even if you can’t finish your project in one day, making a start on it will give you motivation to see it through to the end.

5. Be patient.

Don’t rush yourself as you work. Take the time to do the project right. The end result will be so much more satisfying if you know that you put your best effort into it and didn’t hurry through it.

Now that DIY board full of beautiful ideas? Go tackle it!


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