DIY: Drab to Fab Striped Wastecan

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I have a weakness. I love spray painting. Spray paint and I are bffs. I look at just about EVERYTHING and wonder if I could spray paint it. Well…I clapped eyes on this white metal wastecan. And I instantly thought “I could spray paint stripes on that and use it in the office!” Sooo…I did. And I love the way it turned out!! untitled-7

I started by taping off my stripes with painters tape. I spaced them about 1 ½ inches apart. You could space yours however far apart you’d like, I just did 1 ½ because that was the width of my tape. I used a ruler to help guide me and make sure that I was more or less on track. Take your time with this. How depressing it would be to remove the tape and find that your stripes are off kilter. untitled-17 Once it was taped the fun part came! untitled-12

And the result! The perfect pop of color for our office! untitled-20

Check back soon for a before & after reveal of the office!!


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