DIY: Coral & Gold Bridal Shower

In a month my sister is getting married!! Myself and two other bridesmaids planned a bridal shower in honor of Brittany. We chose a coral and gold theme and kept the decor simple with a few little DIY projects.


I made coffee filter peonies dyed in water and food coloring. You can find the tutorial for them here. So super easy that I decided I’ll have to make some more sometime for my house. I think they would be perfect to add some indoor color during the winter before spring flowers have bloomed.


We served a fruit pizza bar with sugar cookies, a delicious cream cheese spread, and different fruit toppings. It was so yummy!!


Charlotte spray painted branches with gold paint and Lacey painted the jars with the heart cut outs.

untitled-5 untitled-6 untitled-10 untitled-12 untitled-13 untitled-14 untitled-17

Different people shared what their friendship with Brittany meant to them; it was neat to hear what each person said, especially some of the older ladies.

untitled-19 untitled-20 untitled-22 untitled-24

Brittany had requested to play Mad Libs which made for some interesting stories/marriage advice!

untitled-26 untitled-31 untitled-33 untitled-35 untitled-36 untitled-38 untitled-40 untitled-44 untitled-45 untitled-46 untitled-48 untitled-49

Happy Thursday!


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